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November 26, 2011
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What I See In My ABDL’s and Sissies

Mommy Lauren

I know many of the ABDL’s and Sissies that I speak to, and come into contact with over IM or in the chatroom wonder deep down inside what we really think of you. I cannot not speak for all of us, but I can speak for myself when I say, I enjoy speaking to you and getting to know you. And I think if you ask anyone with whom I work with they will say the same thing.

You see we do not see you as a freak, or having anything wrong with you. We adore each and everyone of you, and we actually care about you; not only when you are in your Fetish state; on a personal level. I have many to whom I speak who I spend 20-25 minutes here or there through out the day; when time is allowed; just chit chatting about everyday life. I wish I could spend more then that, but I am so very busy taking care of so many of you that my time is severely limited.

I love hearing about your day, and how you are doing at work. How your family is, how your diapered bottom is doing, how you were naughty and might need some Motherly discipline to give you correction if and when needed. This is all a part of being your ABDL Mommy.

So next time you feel a little bit embarrassed or having a tough day, you can come to me and just tell me about it. Now you know I cannot cyber, that’s a huge NO NO, but I can take a few minutes to just listen and give you perhaps a much needed hug. Granted, this is a pretty short little note that I write to you, but I want you to know that I see so much in all of you ABDL’s and Sissies, and you are wonderful!

Thank you for making me a very happy Mommy.

Mommy Lauren

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