September 30, 2009

Wanna Lick my Peesicle?

I love to pee outside! In the cold of the morning my pee rushes out of my sweet pussy so warm, it splatters against the concrete as I squat, I can feel it splash back on me all cold from the damp wet ground. I love the sound it makes, at first its racing, thunderously gushing from me, then slows down and trickles out of me, pitter pattering onto the pavement. Oh my its getting colder out, I wonder if in the right temperature if it might freeze in mid stream? Now that would be fun, peesicles. *giggles* Wanna lick my peesicle? Sara 1 888 430 2010
May 3, 2009


My rock and my defender On her lap I like to sit Together I feel the safest Her gentle ways and loving kiss Everything she does with love Reminding me that I am her kid! Don’t forget your Mommies this Mothers Day Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010