Feminization of Sissy Babies She is nursing the infant using a feeding bottle.
Aunt Brenda’s Sissy Baby Training Begins!
April 25, 2021
There is a seductive pant showing, and it is attractive. Intended for the photo shoot.
Become Mommy’s ABDL SISSY
May 7, 2021

sissyI enjoy being a hot and sexy Step Mommy as there are so many things to do when I roleplay. So many role play sessions have come my way while being a sexy milf all of these years.  Every time I play, it just keeps getting better and better.  Whether it be incest play, bdsm, age regression, diaper play, sissification, CBT or cuckold – I have a special place inside for all of it.  And I do enjoy everything immensely.

I am sure that you have a few abdl sex stories yourself that just happens to be your favorite and I want to hear what they are.   I want you to be able to call me and have us compare notes and even play together and try something new.  The openness and transparency that I want you to have is only going to spice things up and make it better. So don’t delay, you should call me now and no longer hesitate.

In the meantime, I will indulge and play with my pretty diapered sissy Capricie. I dressed her fully in her diaper and sissy garb earlier and she has been such a good girl while on her hands and knees awaiting my next instructions.  I control her body and I control her mind and I do so with diaper sissy hypnosis.

She trusts me immensely to lead her to a path where I will make sure that she needs to be. As I sit comfortably in my living room, I will use Capricie’s back as my foot rest.  She knows better than to complain and she is thoroughly trained to endure all sorts of pain as she knows that this will bring me much joy and pleasure.  When we play – nothing else matters as it is just us and there are  no interruptions from anyone at all.

When I say bend over, it is not just for me to see the beauty of her on her hands and knees but it also for her to learn to obey, to listen and to grow.  Her obedience is her key to releasing the burden of being responsible and allowing for me to take control.  Just as a dominant has to accept a submissive –  first and foremost the submissive must first accept the dominant. When I dress her, I choose the color and I know that she always feels pretty in pink. And if she is naughty and takes her time when I tell her to hurry up, I will ensure that her little frilly bottom gets spanked thoroughly while she is dressed in her panties and from head to toe as a little prissy sissy.

Let me do the same to you and treat you as my little sissy. You need to be brought into submission and I am the one that will take you there.  Call now and ask for Tawny and I will lead you there and you are going to follow.



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