One White Diaper He is standing with a diaper on, and he also looks really attractive.
Diaper Punishment Time!
June 7, 2020
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My Butt Plug Will Fuck Your Shithole
August 23, 2020

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I get to talk to a sweet couple on occasion, that called me for the first time for advice. The husband was constantly having accidents, soaking his underwear with piss and filling the back up with poo. She was thinking about putting him into adult diapers, but he kept making a fuss about being treated like a baby. Of course, I explained to him that there wasn’t another way for her to treat, since that’s how he was behaving, between the accidents and the tantrum he was having. He made a poor husband, but he might make for a good baby, and wouldn’t that be better for both of them? It took some convincing and some stern words to bring him around to reality, but between me and the wife we managed it. Now he stays in diapers and pullups twenty-four seven, and any mess he makes is much easier to clean up. Wet diapers are better than wet undies! Call for some fun abdl phone sex.



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