A sexy mother is laying in bed while a sexy woman is sitting in bed and lovingly observing the boy.
One Hot Mommy
January 3, 2016
A gorgeous female is sitting there, looking hot and seductive. She is posing for the picture.
A Day in the life of a Sissy Baby
January 4, 2016

showIt’s a New Year and there is no time like the present to decide to give in to your desires and go out and buy those diapers. Be that adult baby that you have always fantasized about being. Why not? No one ever has to know. Or if you want to call “your mommy Tawny” and enlist my help I will go out and buy them for you. We can even go together and I will help you in anything you need help with.  Now when I get back with them I will help you to put them on correctly. Just find a cozy place to lay down, one where when you naked bootie is waiting for mommy to clean you up, you will be safe from falling and the surface will be warm enough that you will not get to cold waiting for me to have things ready for your diapering. To be Continued~ or Call Tawny and we can have mommy baby time. (888)430-20102015summer Dalin band videos 052 ABDL Blog

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