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Bath Time with Mommy Liz
August 22, 2015
She is posing as a Fetish Boobs in front of the photo session.
ABDL Mommy Barb
August 23, 2015
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Mommy Knows Best

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Hello baby! I am Mommy Ava! I have been taking care of ABDLs for a few years now and I love it. I have decided to bring my great experiences and love of diapers to YOU. That tight white mushy diaper feels so good against your hinny, you like the white diapers that stain when you allow yourself to tinkle in them; it’s warm and spreads along the front, and to your hinny. This makes you feel nice and warm all over but you want to please Mommy so you tell her how you want to be a big boy. I will put you in Big Boy diapers to teach you a lesson that you’re not ready to be a big man yet. You need a adult baby Mommy to guide you, someone to take all of your responsibility and put it on the back burner for you? Someone to remove that grownup baggage and allow you to slip back to your childhood.

Call Mommy Ava and let the nurturing begin.


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