April 12, 2016

Diaper Lover Phone Sex With Ava

Do you have a thing for adult diapers? Does your cock get nice and hard just at the word “pamper?” If you said yes then I think it’s safe to say you’re a fan of diaper phone sex. If you said no then please read no further, this is a warning! So you like playing with your cock inside your diapers do you now? Maybe you enjpy the way it feels against your cock when it’s still crisp and brand new, crinkling every time you move around. Do you like to play inside your diaper or do you prefer stroking your cock with the diaper? I know there are many different ways men have pleasured themselves in diapers but I want to hear exactly how you do it! So I hope you got a fresh one on because we’re about to dirty it up with some diaper lover phone sex! […]
November 4, 2015
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Tiny Penis Punishment

You know you don’t talk back to Mommy! You have been a very bad boy and it is time for your punishment. You haven’t been telling mommy when you need your adult diaper changed. Mommy has been catching you sneaking off to the bathroom to pee or walking around in a wet diaper for hours. You are embarrassed by your tiny cock. You don’t want Mommy to see how small tiny and disappointing it is. But now everyone is going to see. Mommy is going to make sure everyone knows how tiny your dick is. Mommy is going to strap a wet diaper to your face. It is going to be the only thing you get to wear all day. Then Mommy is going to take pictures of your teeny tiny little dick and your wet diaper mask and post them all over. Everyone will see. Your boss. Your family. […]
October 31, 2015

Mommy’s Little Cuckold Baby

If you’re a fan of cuckold phone sex then boy do I have a story to tell you! I met this loser on Craig list who was basically the most pathetic miserable excuse of a man I’ve ever seen. He made a post about how he needed a pityfuck because every girl ends up leaving him because he can’t keep it up. He’s tried viagra, cialis, and every other little booster he could get and it still didn’t work. He wanted a woman that could work with him and his problem and I called him right up. I told him to meet me at my apartment and I also made sure to call my super hung boyfriend to come over as well. So he gets there and I let him up into my room and the first thing he sees is my boyfriend and his rock hard cock laying there […]
October 25, 2015
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Forced Feminization

Halloween is the perfect time for some humiliation phone sex. I mean just think about it, you have the perfect excuse to go out into public and wear whatever it is you want no matter how ridiculous or revealing it is! This is a time where I really get to put my sick and twisted sadistic imagination to work. I’ll have all my little submissive wearing whatever I want. Maybe I’ll force feminize them and put them in a trashy little sexy costume. And for my abdl slaves I might just make them walk around collared and in a diaper. They better not try to walk on all fours either. My little submissive should always be on their knees for me. Oh just all the possibilities I can have with a demented imagination of mine. Get ready to trick or treat in your new costume and get ready for some […]
October 17, 2015
diaper boy

Naughty Baby Gets Caught

I’ve finally made it home after a long day at the office. I walk into my bedroom and find you there sitting on the edge of our bed with a diaper on and your hard cock in your hand. I can’t believe I just caught a grown man jerking off in a diaper! You try to explain yourself but you can’t, it’s too late. I force my hand into your diaper and stroke your tiny dick. If you’re going to wear a diaper like a baby, you are going to use a diaper like an infant. I grab you by the ear and drag you to the kitchen. I pull an ice cold bottle of water out of the fridge and tell you to drink it. As you put it up to your lips I tip the bottle, forcing every last drop down your throat. When you’re finished the first […]
September 10, 2015
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Diaper Punishment With ABDL Mommy Crissy

 in one is of course! Mommy doesn’t like to change you right away because that’s just no fun! I want to make you sit in it and sit on your bottom and mush it around while it’s still warm! Mommy loves to play in your stinky diaper. Sometimes I’ll open it right up and rub adult baby’s poo poo all over his legs and little pee pee. It’s such a good lubricant and it makes your little pee pee get nice and excited for mommy doesn’t it? You know what would be even better? If Mommy opened your diaper up and went poopie in it too! Could you just imagine? Wearing a messy diaper filled with adult baby’s poo and mommy’s poo? That’s just double the fun! Mommy is going to make you wear that smelly diaper until it’s your bedtime. Sometimes mommy fills your bottle with laxatives to make […]
August 31, 2015

Changing it up

As my sweet aby lays on the table with his hands at his sides, waiting patiently for his very wet, poopy diaper to be changed by his loving Nanny, she decides to change things up a little. She leans over him, her tits straining against the fabric of her shirt, and methodically undoes the safety pins on his diaper. The cute protectors on the ends of the pins keep her from pricking baby’s skin, and then takes care when folding the fabric back from his skin. He’s very wet and uncomfortable, so she gets right to work. She puts rubber gloves on, and grabs a wipe to run over baby’s skin, being sure to get all the little bits of yuckiness and pay attention to every inch of his privates. He is clean, and exposed. She grabs the old diaper and tosses it in the laundry bin to wash later. […]
August 30, 2015

No Taboo Phonesex

I love talking to other Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers! It’s so much fun giving cute little babies a diaper changes, or forcing a bratty sissy boy to deep throat my strap-on, I love making all fantasies come true! No taboo makes things so much more exciting; I get so wet when I know I’m doing something really naughty, like playing in dirty diapers or role-playing as a sexy mommy eager to take her sons virginity.. I love all kinks, and will have so much fun exploring your dark fetishes.. I absolutely love knowing that you’re getting off, so go ahead, tell me everything. I want to know exactly what to do to make you moan and beg for more, until you finally can’t control yourself and you blow your load all over my cute, smiling face or big, bouncy tits! Don’t be shy, I’ll keep your dirty little secret! Xoxoxo Brittney 888-430-2010