Standing together, the boy's eye is closed, and they are both kissing.
Swallow Your Cummies
June 4, 2020
A Huge Diaper Guy He is seated on the ground and exposing his diaper area.
Husband Forced Into Diapers
July 11, 2020
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Do you think that you have a choice in whether or not you are going to wearing these abdl diapers? I would usually think that your little defiant act is cute, but you’ve been misbehaving so much lately that I’m not going to find anything you do very endearing. Your tiny balls dropped a bit and suddenly you start thinking that you are a grown man, and don’t have too listen to anything that you are told! That’s unacceptable, and you need to be brought down a peg or two.  There aren’t too many punishments that would do more to install some humility in you than having a thick diaper in between your thighs. I’ve never had the proper diaper discipline does not work to smooth out any attitude issues.  And don’t even think about taking the diapers off! That’s a guaranteed over-the-knee spanking if that happens.  Now you are my abdl diaper baby boy, and you will stay that way till I decide otherwise. If that’s exactly what you need then you need to call me for some diaper discipline phone sex.



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