September 17, 2009

Smothering Sara

Are you my pathetic little submissive pussy boy? Yes, I do believe you are! You love it when I force myself on top of you and suffocate you with my sweet pussy. Grinding myself into your mouth and nose making it nearly impossible for you to breath. You can smell my sweet scent, and feel as my juices drip down your chin. Forcing you to please me, as you lay defensively underneath me as I apply all my weight on you. Making you clean my little asshole. I want to choke you with my sweet ass, my feeble man. Watch as you squirm and listen as you squeal, my helpless slaveboy! Sara 1 888 430 2010
November 20, 2008

how it goes when an abie is in trouble with Mommy

   Some of you may know that I give my abie a set amount of time for games and computers. It’s something we agreed upon when we decided to take this path. There are exceptions, and he gets good boy treats of extra time. The other day though I was worn out, it had just been one of those days. He picked the time I needed his help to play a game. I know he knew it was wrong because he gave me the mischievous smile he gives me when he is up to something. I said ok, well once your time is up I have a list for you.     His time ran out, and I handed him the list. He started to read it, and read it, and he looked at me sadly. I had saved some of his favorite chores just for him. Also on the list was moving his game system to my office. So for the next week I will be playing (or trying to rather) his games.   Domestic Discipline Scarlet