July 26, 2015

Sissification Phone Sex

No matter how long I work at Phoneamommy, I never ever get tired of talking to my little sissy baby! I am always in the mood for some sissification phone sex. I love talking to my sissies and daydreaming about all the things I want to do to my little sissy slut! They’re just so submissive and cute! I love the idea of taking my sissy shopping and showing you off to everyone. I’m going to dress you up in the sweetest little pink babydoll dress, with matching rumba panties and mary janes. When sissy is in a slutty mood I like to switch it up and dress her in everything from garters, stockings, panties, lace panties, latex, mini skirts, short shirts, boots, heels, the list is endless! The best part is trying everything on at the store and modeling for the saleslady and customers. Let Mommy Candy help make all your sissy baby dreams come true. Lets explore your wildest sissy fantasies, maybe invite Mommy Candy’s boyfriend to play with us!
May 17, 2013

Masked Maid

My pretty little maid is so shy around people that i suggested a nice  mask so i looked around online and in the local adult stores.Some just did not suit what i was looking for and besides it was hard for me to really say what design i was wanting just knew i would find it eventually.So yes i am hardheaded when it comes to getting things done my way. I wanted her in a pretty mask and it had to be in something so bright and pretty so i told her she was going with me shopping and she hates shopping probably as bad as i do because i have her doing all of mine.But in one of the shopping trips that we did go on i found this  Mask and it fit her perfectly now she can be the maid she was made to be. Victoria 1.888.430.2010
January 20, 2013

From sissy maid to sissy AB

This is what a proper sissy maid does. I expect you to show up on my door step, fully dressed and ready to WORK. after I have put you through your paces and shown you what real house cleaning is, then I will reward you with some mommy/sissy AB play time. But first you are going to be a big girl and clean mommy’s house properly. You will clean the toilets, vacuum, dishes, trash and you will take care of some of mommy’s most prized possessions. My extensive shoe collection. You will lick every one clean. Then you will polish them. After all your work is said and done, it will be time for mommy to turn you back into a Sissy AB. And then mommy will take good loving care of her sweet sissy. Now doesn’t that sound like a wonderful trade? Mommy Josie
May 29, 2012


Tantrum’s you good at doing but do you really think it does any good when you stomp your feet bang your head on the walls and floors hold your breathe.Now do you honestly think i am going to give in to those pityful demands of your’s i don’t think so little wimp. You will dress as i say and wear these sissy dresses and the diapers wherever you go i could care less what your friends wear or what they say about you wearing the sissy clothes.Yes i know they laugh and make fun of you but then so do i.Now get your butt upstairs and get ready like i told you to early and no more back talk,and enough of those sissy tantrums of your’s. Doris 1.888.430.2010
January 18, 2011


What makes you smile so big and wide is it when granny takes you into her arms and holds you ever so tightly against her. Maybe its when she checks that diaper and makes a funny face looking down at you saying oh my i smell something down there.Or just maybe its when she changes that stinky diaper and give you a fresh bottle of milk and tucks a nice fuzzy warm blanket around you and rocks you to sleep sounds good to me. i enjoy teasing my little ones because they are funny and ever so cute to watch. But then again never know what granny might have up her sleeve she is always thinking of something she can dress you up in as you know she loves her sissy boys. Lily 1-888-430-2010
November 14, 2009

The Season of Giving!

While all us Mommies add more to our wish list and all you babies write your list for Santa, let us not forget those who may not be as fortunate as us this Holiday Season. Every Year your Mommy Rebecca partakes in helping the Salvation Army prepare meals for Thanks Giving and buys gifts for the local Fire Department Toy Drive. So here is a great site I wanted to share with you in helping you find the right charity organization. Just visit this site and see if there is a place you might be interested in helping. http://www.charitynavigator.org/ Tis the Season……To be Giving! & Don’t forget to email me your list of all your wants you need Mommy to fulfill! Mommy Rebecca 1 8888 430 2010
October 10, 2009

Girl Lessons

One of the first “girl lessons” that mommy likes to give her sissy is how to shave properly. The assigment I recently gave included cherry blossom shaving gel and a pink razor. I directed my sissy as she soaked in a nice hot bath, smelling of lavender, how to shave her legs. it was her first time and I could hear the excitement in her voice as she got out and dried off. I then instructed her to use lotion and to slip into a pair of pantyhose. There is nothing like the feeling of newly shaved legs in silk stockings. Mommy Josie
January 15, 2009

Sissy Maid

I just love this sissy maid uniform. It is a frilly Sissy Maid Uniform in Duchess satin with a high shine satin print apron and lots of lovely lace! *giggles* The dress has a high neck with locking rings to the back of the collar so only I can let you out when you’ve finished your work! *grins* I can not now wait to dress sissy up in this uniform and have sissy on hands and knees scrubbing my floor. *giggles* For my diaper sissies a nice thick diaper would look super awesome under this little maid outfit. *grins* Dommy Mommy Lexus 1-888-430-2010