August 19, 2012

Cuckold Phone Sex

Allow me to share a little bit of my sissy cuckold phone sex with my sissy fag loser Ty. Dear Ms Ava: Allow me to do as you commanded me to.  Announce my adoration and worship and hopefully future devotion to your boyfriend, Frederick.   SIR: Even though I have not seen you, I am certain that Ms Ava has chosen wisely in picking the strongest most dominant, masculine man around.  I would like the honor of being able to serve you in some manner.  Even though I am a middle aged man- pretending to be straight- I will be your house servant or act as your wife, bathing you, dressing you, especially for your nights with Ms. Ava.  Of course, I will always kneel at your feet and be dressed however you want me to. I would also cook and clean and sew for Master Frederick. Thank you for allowing me to make this request of you SIR. If you’re a sissy cuckold loser like Ty call me for cuckold phone sex now. Ava 888*430*2010