May 31, 2012


You like to participate in mommy roleplay it is always the best time to have all these question’s answered that you want to ask. This is som eof the questions I have been asked by my ab phone friends I play with. what happens if I draw where I should’nt mommy? well little one, you get to be in time out and stand in the corner with nothing but a diaper and your little pout. what if I don’t do what I am told Mommy? Well then you get mommy very angry and you do not wan to cross me. That is when mommy pulls that diaper down around your ankles and you get a taste of my paddle on your bare bottom. Oooh, that sound’s like it would make my bottom very red, mommy. Yes it certainly would, my ab honey. I am a big boy ,mommy I don’t wanna have diaper’s on I can go in the big boy potty chair. No absolutely not you’r not ready for that yet, big boy’s don’t wet themselves, your just a bitty ab you need to be treated like one. So its diapers for you from now on. Don’t keep me waiting I would wanna keep me happy give me a call now huggies and kissies Crissy Call 1*888*430*2010 or international 714*442*2402