March 14, 2010

Not in my classroom

I am a very strict teacher, there is not much I am willing to put up with. You think your the class clown, but I know a better way for you to entertain your peers and it is not with your foolish antics. I’ll make you the class clown alright but by my methods, I’ll spank you so hard that you’ll pee your pants and your peers will be laughing at the pathetic little pansy boy that now stands before them soaking wet, with a face as red as his buttocks! Don’t believe me? Mizz Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
January 4, 2010

Punishment of the Day

Penelope and Verde are the biggest dimwits of my class. Always pushing the limit with me, thinking they will get away with it. Ha their little pea brains cant pull off any stunt without getting them caught. So to keep up with their dirty deeds, I am needing to up the anti on their punishments. One thing I know they hate the most and thats being humiliated in front of the entire class. Spankings from the Principal just aren’t getting results anymore. I think spankings in front of the whole class with their little panties pulled down to their knees might be next on the agenda. Mizz. Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
November 18, 2009

Little Wetty Davey

Davey came to class unprepared. I told him of my disappointment in him and he just put his head down and said nothing. I brought all the other adult babies out for recess as he was made to stand by my side and not allowed to play. He became so upset that he wet his pants. Therefore, when we went back inside I decided he needed a punishment. I made him stand and face the chalkboard in his wet pants while I conducted my next lesson. Now the other kids laughed at him in his wet pants and I tried to keep them quiet but you know kids, sometimes they just have to let it out. So I joined in on the fun mocking him, calling him a baby, piss pants, stinky boy, telling him what a little wussy he was when he broke out in tears. Poor little Davey he truly endured a day of humiliation, that he will never forget. Ready to take your punishment? Call Today! Mizz. Rebecca 1 888 30 2010