October 2, 2010

Miss Piggy

At the phone a mommy slumber party the other night the discussion came up about cleavage came up. Recently Sesame Street said that Kay Perry’s boobs were just too much exposure for little ones to watch. But then I had to wonder about Miss Piggy. Did watching Miss Piggy flaunt her breast ever make you ABDL’s think it was lunch time? Does seeing a women’s breast automatically make you crave some warm sweet milk? Does it get you drooling just thinking of those boobies? Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010
June 19, 2010

I always knew that Kermit wasnt so innocent and not into little miss piggy *giggles* My little brother likes me to play with his stuffed animals, I place them into sexual positions and do little skits. He sits and laughs so hard that his diaper gets all soaky. hehehe Mandy 1 888 430 2010