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August 1, 2012
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Diaper boy Darrin

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I have a friend his name is Darrin he is a very cute Diaperboy his faveorite thing to do when he is with
mommy is give me wet diaper’s to change. He gets so excited after he tinkles that he does a little dance right next to me call it his tinkle jig. Then Mommy picks him up and carry’s him over to the big changing table Lays him out and he shakes & squirms giggling “Mommy has to fix my wet diapee!” he says with a big,big smile I look down at him and laugh “That is right Mommy will make that diaper nice and dry for her little man!” I pull his soaked diaper down with a sloshing sound it comes off legs. I have wipes,powder handy and start wiping his bitty bottom and his naughty bits.
Then I pull my powder out and make sure he is smelling abie soft. Last but not least I start to put his fresh new diaper on and he claps his little hand sand coo’s his abie talk at me! We are all done now he likes to jump into Mommy Crissy’s lap and nap for a bit with a nice ba-ba.

Awww my cute little Diaperboy Darrin, how I love our time together!!

Creamy Crissy


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