A handsome man is showing her sexy diaper while wearing the diaper and sporting a tattoo. For the photo session, he is standing.
Granny Minnie Loves Putting Panzy in His Pretty Pamper
September 13, 2021
A seductive woman is seated, flashing her lovely boobs, and self-masturbating.
ABDL Stacey
November 6, 2021




Mommy has everything needed to diaper that cute little butt.  I know all about your diaper fetish and mommy is prepared.  Mommy has diapers, powder, baby wipes, lotions and creams.  And mommy also has everything baby needs to relax, so just lay back and let mommy take good care of you.

Mommy strips you of all those “big” clothes.  Then mommy lifts your legs into the air, lifting that bottom up, so mommy can take a crisp cool baby wipe to that little tushie.  Between your cheeks and up over your adorable little balls and peepee.  Now that baby is all clean, it’s time to slide that thick soft diaper underneath you.

Mommy takes and sprinkles the baby powder all over baby’s butt and front.  Mommy slowly rubs it in, so soft and silky feeling.  Making sure to get those balls and peepee nicely coated.  That diaper will feel so good against baby’s skin.  Being an abdl is the best.  You get to enjoy mommy as she takes very good care of you.

Would you like to feel mommy’s warm hands rubbing baby powder all over you?  Have mommy doting on your every need and desire?  And knowing mommy will make you feel so good.  Mommy will coddle you, cuddle you and love you.  Mommy will diaper you, dress you and show you off.  Mommy will feed you, bathe you and play with you.

Mommy has lots of abdl stories she can share with you to help you feel at ease if you are shy or nervous about playing with mommy.  No need to be scared around Mommy Candy, mommy just wants the best for you.  And mommy loves making you feel good, very good.

When it comes to my abies, mommy never gets tired of taking the best care of each and every one.  One of the best parts is when mommy gets to see how happy mommy makes her little ones.  Seeing how excited you get for mommy, and then making that hard little peepee squirt for mommy, just makes mommy’s day.

Nothing makes mommy smile bigger than an exhausted baby after mommy has had her way with them.  And mommy is always ready to help tire out a little cutie in a diapee.  And those diapers definitely make clean up a breeze.  Squeeze squeeze, rub, rub, squirt, squirt…mmmm.

And there are so many cute diapers to chose from.  Mommy could put baby in a different designed or colored diaper every time.  Watch you as you waddle around in your adorable diaper, grinning at mommy.  Mommy’s little diapered cutie!

To become one of mommy’s cute little diapered adult babies, give mommy a call anytime, night or day.  Mommy is always available for her sweet little babies, her naughty little perverts and her adorable little sissies.  Mommy never gets enough play time.  And if alone time is hard to come by, mommy is always available for private text/chat as well.

So pick up that phone and call now to set up a session with mommy.

ABDL Mommy Candy


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