Messy Diapers
August 4, 2012
bdsm nursery, messy diapers
August 9, 2012

1340576955352633121 ABDL BlogOh what did you expect me not to laugh at you tough i will laugh and make fun of you all i want because i dress up in a little dress and let you wear diapers that are soaked.And especially when they get so wet they are hanging down between your legs at the knees.And you look up at me with such sad little eyes thinking i will take pity on you change it.I might even give some friends of mine a call and let them come over and see how i have dressed you up.I think that will be fun now doesn’t mommy have such grand ideals for this little one.Then mommy’s friends can tease you all they would like to also while mommy stands and smile at you because of that wet diaper and cute little pink dress she put on you,now you know how much mommy loves to tease you.



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