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August 30, 2012
Bobby’s Enema
September 3, 2012

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Do you like to do an enema to help fill your diaper to its fullest capacity? I can certainly understand the draw of a full diaper, wet and messy on your bottom. All warm and squishy and wonderfully full. Do you like to be changed right away or do you like to sit in it for awhile and just savor the feeling?

Mommy Josie is here to help talk you through full release. And then after you fill that diaper and enjoy your time in it, Mommy can help you with another kind of release, if that is your desire. Or I can lay you down and change your diaper, making you all fresh and clean for mommy. And smelling oh so good!

No matter how you like to fill your diaper, Mommy is here to help. And being a DL myself, I can fully understand all those feelings you have about diapers, because I have them too!

Mommy Josie


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