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August 31, 2012
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September 5, 2012
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Bobby’s Enema

Bobby's Enema

Bobby is one of my most special, sweetest little ABies. The other night I went over to his house to babysit him while his parents went over to their friend’s house for dinner. When I arrived at the house, Bobby’s mommy Lucy welcomed me and we had a little chat while she finished fixing her makeup.
Little Bobby sat on my lap and played with my hair while I talked to his mommy. Lucy told me that Bobby had been having a lot of tummy troubles and was having problems making poopies. Bobby looked at me with sad little puppy dog eyes when Lucy was explaining this. I kissed the top of his head and rubbed his tummy. Lucy continued, “We were thinking of giving him an enema, but when we tried this morning we just could not get him to keep still! Maybe you’ll have better luck.” “I think we’ll manage,” I said as I looked at sweet ABy Bobby and pinched his cheeks.
A little while later, Bobby was laying on a blanket in the living room playing with his toy cars. “Bobby, honey, we’re gonna try to make you feel better, ok sweetie?” Bobby looked worried, “its ok honey,” I said as I walked over with the bag, tube, and lubricant. “Your tummy will feel so much better when we’re done.” I slipped a plastic sheet underneath him and untaped his diaper. “Ok now honey, this will only be a little uncomfortable, but you keep playing with your cars and it’ll be over soon.” I hung the small bag up next to me and squeezed the lubricant into my hands. I coated the end of the tube with it and rubbed it between Bobbys little cheeks and hole. “Ok here we go,” I said, sliding the tube into his bottom slowly. Bobby whimpered a little but I rubbed his back and murmured softly, “its alright Bobby, its ok.” I let the warm fluid fill him slowly until the bag was empty. Once the bag was empty, I told him he only had to hold it for a few minutes. I sang him a little song, and then when the time was up I rubbed his tummy as he let everything out.
When it was all over I cleaned little Bobby up and put him in a fresh diaper and gave him nice soft cuddles. If you need an enema to make you feel better, just let me take care of you, I’ll make you feel alllll better!
xoxo Samantha

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