Electric Diaper Training
August 29, 2012
Fill your diaper
August 31, 2012

mommygenie ABDL Blog

I am here at your command in my silky genie garb waiting for you to decide on what you want for your wish maybe you should wish for a sweet diapermom,that sound’s wonderful does’nt it? I cross my arms & nod my head.
Before your very eye’s I am transformed from a genie with shiny hair into a very sweet and sexy mommy.
Your wildest dreams come true right before your very eyes. I am equipped with arms that can always make you happy and also cuddle &soothe abie.

I as a sweet diapermom thoroughly enjoy dressing up my diapersissies in all the latest in sweet sissy dresses and mary janes. The greatest pleasure for a sweet mommy like me is having a nursery filled with little one’s ready for to suck on my nice hard nipples one on each side. What fun you will have with a diapermom such as me!

Make a wishie call Crissy!


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