A handsome man is resting in bed wearing a diaper, which is nice and sexy-looking.
Tiny Penis Punishment
November 4, 2015
A beautiful had a white and red colour scheme and looked quite nice.
Hush Little Aby
November 6, 2015

When my little aby has a stinky diaper, there’s only one thing on Mommy Barbie’s mind. Let’s get clean! I lay by aby down on the changing table and pull off his little pants (and plastic diaper cover, if he has one). Then, I lift up his little ankles over his head and pull the messy diaper out from under him. After that, I like to take some nice warm wet wipes to clean off my little boy’s bum. After I’m sure that I’ve gotten all the mess off, I’ll dry off his bum, and rub on some lotion before patting on some nice, soft baby powder. After that, my little aby is ready for a brand new diaper! I’ll pull out a clean diapy and open it before lifting by aby’s legs over his head and slipping it under his little bum. Then, I’ll strap it on nice and snug so that nothing leaks the next time that aby makes a mess.





—Barbie <3


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