A sexy diaper can be seen in the image, and it is silky and attractive.
Diaper Change with Mommy Barbie
November 4, 2015
Be My Submissive Bitch
November 7, 2015

There are lots of fun accessories that come with being a mommy for ab/dl’s. Diapers, of course, but I have a special affinity for pacifiers. They come in so many different shapes and colors. PacifiersWhen someone in my care starts getting fussy, I have a large array of pacifiers to choose from. I keep them clean by rubbing them down with an antibacterial wipe and then washing them with soap and water. After I let them air dry, they are fit for any aby’s mouth. I go through these extra steps because I love my little dears- I don’t want them to get sick! Sometimes they are naughty and throw the pacifiers, so they get pretty dirty quickly.

I like shopping for pacifiers. They come printed with animals and decorative designs, but I personally like the colorful ones. The ones that are made of slightly translucent plastic? I really like those! Are you ab/dl? What’s your favorite toy? 

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