A sexy diaper has a beautiful appearance and looks hot.
Full and Stinky Diaper
November 1, 2015
A sexy diaper can be seen in the image, and it is silky and attractive.
Diaper Change with Mommy Barbie
November 4, 2015

You know you don’t talk back to Mommy!

You have been a very bad boy and it is time for your punishment. You haven’t been telling mommy when you need your adult diaper changed. Mommy has been catching you sneaking off to the bathroom to pee or walking around in a wet diaper for hours. You are embarrassed by your tiny cock.

You don’t want Mommy to see how small tiny and disappointing it is. But now everyone is going to see it. Mommy is going to make sure everyone knows how tiny your dick is.

Mommy is going to strap a wet diaper to your face. It is going to be the only thing you get to wear all day. Then Mommy is going to take pictures of your teeny tiny little dick and your wet diaper mask and post them all over. Everyone will see. Your boss. Your family. Your friends.

Everyone will know that you’re a pissy little baby with a tiny dick.





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