Diaper-covered girlfriend Sissy girl with two other girls, one standing and the other sitting on the floor.
Let Mommy Tell You A Story
March 13, 2022
Standing and sporting seductive pants in the colour purple, a hot female.
Kink For Mummies Panties! (part 2)
September 8, 2022




Through diaper sissy hypnosis while you are sleeping, mommy will turn you into her good little girl.  You will go to bed, mommy’s good boy and wake up mommy’s naughty little sissy slut.  Mommy will convert you and you will enjoy every minute of it.

Mommy will use sissification to strip you of all your maleness and make you into the perfect little skirt wearing sissy.  You will become feminine in every way possible.  How you look, how you dress, how you speak and how you sound.

Mommy has so many tantalizing abdl sex stories that she can share with you.  And soon you will be another one added to my repertoire.  Mommy will make you her little slut and you will do as you’re told.  Mommy can’t wait to take you shopping for cute little outfits, thigh highs, panties, makeup, shoes and diapers.  Mommy will alter between dressing you up as a pretty little princess in pink to a sultry sexy skank.

Then mommy will enjoy taking you out and showing you off.  And there will be times when mommy will put your skills to the test as well.  Mommy wants to see what a good sissy you really are.  You will learn how to be a good cock sucker, as well as a talented pussy eater.

You will have to satisfy all of mommy’s primal urges.  Mommy will make you into her own personal sex slave.  A sissy connoisseur of sexual prowess.  You will yearn to please and do everything mommy tells you.  You will beg to be manhandled by mommy and her friends.

And mommy will have you moaning like a whore as mommy bends you over, lifting your skirt and pulling your panties to the side, so mommy can fuck you fast and hard with her huge selection of strap-ons and dildos.  You will be whimpering in pain and pleasure as you get violated over and over.

A good little sissy slut taking it in that sissy pussy after sucking on mommy’s cock and getting it nice and wet.  Reaching back, spreading yourself open wide for mommy to get nice and deep.  Pushing back as mommy fucks you, like a good whore.

Mommy has to get you ready for a real man with a real cock to fuck you like you deserve.  To grab your hips and plunge balls deep inside you.  To make you squeal and squirt as you get fucked.  To show you how a good little sissy takes all that dick.

You take it all and still crave more cock.  You love being a sissy so much, you have wet dreams of getting fucked and used by 100’s.  You make mommy very proud of what a good girl you are.  Mommy knew you would make a great little cock whore, cum slut sissy faggot.

Mommy’s pussy gushes watching you get taken over and over.  Watching as cock after cock fills you with their creamy cum.  Mommy’s juices dripping down her inner thighs with each thrust.  For more seductive fun call Mommy Candy today.

Mommy Candy


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