May 31, 2013

Out of Control ABie

I had a very naughty abie to tend to today. Oh my goodness. He was left with a sitter and decided to be as mischievous as possible. I told him that IF he could be good for he would get a story at the end of the night. Miss Samantha even brought over his favorite book from her house. Did he behave? No. Then after a fit, and one problem after another he had the nerve to demand a story – silly, silly belligerent ABie. He has never treated her that way before. I think he was just itching to see what Mommy would do to him. Miss Samantha called me. I got him on the phone and said, “I will call when I am nearly home. When that happens I expect you to be in the corner, where I am sending you now.” So I got home, put up […]
May 12, 2013

Special Candy

Uh-oh. You got into the candy drawer, didn’t you? I don’t know how many times I’ve told you to keep your hands out of there or there would be consequences. Well I had to do something didn’t I, otherwise you’d never learn your lesson. So were they good? The chocolates I mean. Let’s take a look at the damage, hmm. Ohhh hehehehe, you ate all of them. Every last one. Do you know how many there were? Thirty. That’s how many came in the box. See, 30 count. Have a look yourself. Hehehehe, what’s that look on your face for? You thought those were just plain old chocolates hmm? No, no, no, those were special lesson learning chocolates haha. Haven’t you ever had a chocolate flavored laxative before? You seem to have a taste for them now. And you know what the beauty of this is? Two birds with one […]
May 4, 2013

ABDL Sissy

Abdl sissy loves to dress up in their cute little frilly dresses and diapers and show everyone just how adorable they are.You prance and dance all over the room when anyone comes around.Trying your best to get the attention from all.Sometimes it works sometimes not. But there is also times you get out of hand thats when i have to take control and inforce some discipline,you never see it coming because you are just so out there not caring that everyone is laughing at you for being such a silly abdl sissy.That’s ok you deserve to be laughed at for acting that way and that’s when i restrain you in those cute diapers and frilly dresses away until you do better.Then there is those times that when you and your friend just doesn’t learn anything that’s when i have to restrain both of you its so funny seeing you both […]
May 2, 2013

Strict, NOT Mean AB Mommy

Sometimes I think the two terms, strict and mean, get confused.  To me, strict is an important thing for little ones – it comes from a place of love, not malice.  It teaches little ones and ABies what is acceptable behavior and what is not; what is safe and what can harm them.  Being a strict AB Mommy says I care and love you enough to want the very best for you – that I care enough to want to make sure that you know how to make the right choices, and how to navigate life successfully in the future, when I am not there to guide them.  Being strict means giving them the well needed rules they need to function properly.  Whether they want to admit it or not, Abies and sissies alike not only need those boundaries put in place, but also need to know that crossing those […]
April 27, 2013

Sissy Fag Ty

Ms Ava I am so eager to be your fluffer and sissy boi.  I know that I am not worthy to be your boyfriend- as you have told me many times in the past, “Why would I want to be with a loser faggot like you?”- but I still fantasize about it.  I could be your houseboy, and have to mow the lawn and plant flowers dressed like a sissy- wearing pink panties.  If I asked you out on a real date, you would slap my face, and say: “Ty, you are a faggot sissy, that I WOULD NEVER BE SEEN IN PUBLIC WITH, except on a leash with my lover”  You would probably be disgusted by that, and refuse to even go out with us in public, so that I would be humiliated by being led on a leash by your lover, dressed in lover, who would spank me […]
April 22, 2013

Caged Peepee

Everybody knows that ABies get themselves into trouble all the time. They’re always doing something they’re not supposed to, or trying to be sneaky to get away with doing naughty stuff. And I swear, half the time its trying to get away with putting their hands down their diapers! Luckily, I always keep a few cages in my diaper bag when I go babysitting. And I like to surprise them with it! It makes it wayyyy more fun heehee!! When its time for their diaper change I put them up on the table, like usual, and start opening up their diapy, wiping them up and getting ready to put a fresh one on. Right before I go to tape up the new diaper, I pull a cage out of my diaper bag and lock it on him before he even has a chance to figure out what’s going on heehee! […]
April 21, 2013

Diaper Humilation

Some of my callers just can’t stop being naughty little abbies when it comes to diaper humiliation phone sex. Just the other day I began diapering one of them. He recently started messing his undies and I was tired of him ruining them. So I walk into the kitchen to get some cookies and milk for him and when I walk back in the living room, wanna know what I find? A crisp clean diaper on the floor but no little boi in it! As a matter of fact he was nowhere to be found. Mommy is too tired for hide and seek! You definitely won’t be getting those milk and cookies now. I look around the room, behind the couch, in the closet but nothing! Hmm you’d think a naked boi wouldn’t be that hard to find! All of a sudden I see a little white hiney run across […]
April 12, 2013

Kidnapped by Malicious Mommy Crissy

Your Bound and gagged unable to call for help kidnapped by one of the most malicious phone mommies. What was that I gave you to drink? I told you it was apple juice but it had a funny after taste. your mind will not quit racing the last thing you can remember is the big white un-marked van pulling up then it was lites out! You can feel the heavy rug under you the drug makes it hard for you to move your arms feel heavier than what is in your diaper,maybe you will just shut your eyes and wait to see where this all goes. You hear me talking on my cell right before you start to drift off again. ” Yes we will be heading to the plane he is ready to be taken to live with his new family who love to give spanking’s very well.” “See […]