August 8, 2013

New Playmates

Last week, Daddy was telling me about a new man at work.  Daddy said the man was very nice, but he was very lonely.  See, the new man just moved here from another town, very far away, and didn’t have any friends here yet.  The poor man!  I felt very sad for him, and I just can’t imagine being so far from home! Daddy asked if I would like to meet the new man and make him feel welcome.  With a giggle, I bounced up and down, clapped my hands and said I would really like to make him feel like he has friends here! YAY! I love making new friends and especially the ones Daddy brings home for me to play with *giggle* Daddy said he would bring him home with him after work on Friday, so I was to be sure to be dressed in my prettiest dress when they came home. Oh, I’m so excited! I’ve thought about it ALL WEEK and just the thought of a new playmate makes my kitty all wet and tingly!  Every  time Daddy catches me with my hand in my diaper, he laughs at me and tells me what an excitable little goose I am. I can’t wait to tell you all about what happens! Betsy
August 2, 2013

Office Visit: A Story of Diaper Punishment

At first when you see me in the hall at your office you smile and think what a wonderful surprise.  Then you notice the rather large bag on my shoulder, and your thoughts start to race.  Noooo, she wouldn’t…she couldn’t….and you play back the conversation/argument from the night before. How it ended with what you thought was just an empty threat – and yet… here I was, with what you can only assume is a full diaper bag, ready to follow through on my threat; neigh, my promise, to put you in a thick, crinkly diaper like the big baby that you were being. A promise that you know that I am now going to keep – for you know that I will make a humiliating scene involving said diapers if you try and stop me.  I give you an “I told you” smile, and you put your head down in defeat as you lead me to your office.   Don’t argue with Mommy Gina – or you may find yourself at the receiving end of my diaper humiliation, diaper punishment, or both.   Gina 1.888.430.2010  
July 29, 2013

Diapered in a dungeon

 Diapered in restraints down in my dark  lit femdom dungeon. You take that dildo pacifier nice and slow or I will put you in the rack and stretch your balls till  they are sore! The corporate world you hide in has no idea how much of a worthless loser you really are  perhaps I should invite a few of them down to my dungeon for drinks and a round of pin the tail on the diaper sissy. Would that frighten you to be seen as the sniveling coward you are in your raggedy diaper and chains by all the judgmental slobs that work at your office?  Veronika 1*888*430*2010
July 26, 2013

Reasons to Spank…Let Me Count the Ways

I can think of a lot of reasons to spank a naughty boy.  Tommy, however, has to be my naughtiest little one under my charge by far!  He constantly wets his pants even though he is way too old to do so. I have even resorted to putting him in a diaper, instructing him that he’s not to wet his diaper. I have told him repeatedly,  he mustn’t wet himself at his age, but he doesn’t care…so I have had to start spanking him – of course his mother said it was perfectly all right to do so.   So I take down that wet diaper slowly.  I can feel Tommy tremble from excitement and perhaps a little fear as I slide it down—the plastic exterior making crinkling sounds as I pull open the tapes.  His tender butt, all ready for my hand, beckons me to connect quickly and firmly.  The smack is loud and makes Tommy jump—his little wee wee gets sooooo excited.   So while Tommy got spanked yesterday for wetting his diaper, there are still a ton of other reasons I may spank him for (like when he smarts off to me, or has a hissy-fit over something, or just is acting like a spoiled brat).  Let this be a cautionary tale to those little one who might test my patience – I will find many many reasons to spank you, and I may eve use a switch to do so!   Mommy Scarlet 1.888.430.2010
July 4, 2013

Daddy’s Lil Princess

Boy did I get in trouble the other day!  I was trying SO hard to be good, but I spilled my chocolate milk on the new carpet and Daddy got mad.  He’s told me and told me not to take my drinks in the room with the new carpet, but I snuck it in there anyway.  I was playing with my toys and knocked the cup right off the table, and milk went everywhere!  It was awful! Daddy came in and saw the stain and started to frown.  He asked me if I had made that mess, and I couldn’t lie to him, because lying is NOT allowed!  I looked down at my toes and whispered “Yes, Daddy.  I spilled my milk.” Daddy made me walk over to him, pull my dress up and lay over his knee for my spanking.  He slid my diaper off and paddled my bottom with his bare hand.  Oh how it made me cry!  I cried and sniffled and promised Daddy that I would remember next time and be a better girl for him. After giving it some thought, and asking if I’d learned my lesson this time, Daddy rubbed his hand lightly over my sore, red bottom.  It was so sore that even his light touch stung a little, but …it felt good too.  Made me feel kind of “tickly” and I started to giggle. As I wiggled and giggled on Daddy’s lap, he pointed at the front of his pants and said “Now look what all that wiggling and giggling has done to Daddy, my little Princess.” I look over and saw Daddy’s pants sticking straight out!  Daddy showed me how to make that little problem all better and told me I would always be his Little Princess!   Betsy
June 28, 2013

Mommy will show you who’s in charge

Remember yesterday, when I gave you one simple assignment? Well, your deadline is here, and it seems you couldn’t accomplish the one little task that Mommy assigned you. Mommy’s instructions were very clear. All you had to do was dress up as pretty as possible, and take a picture of yourself holding a sign that said “Mommy Sara Madison owns me”. I told you that the pictures were to be very clear so that I could see your blushing sissy face. You were warned that if I did not receive the photos in my email, by noon today, or they were taken in a way that did not please me, I would post another photo of you online, for the world to see. Did you forget about the photos I have off the cam, and the release that you signed? Well, here it is, noon, and Mommy has yet to receive your photos. You’ll see two things about Mommy today: 1. I follow through with what I say I’ll do and expect the same from you, and 2. I do own you, and control you. Such a simple assignment, and yet you can’t complete it? You panic and swear you don’t want to be outed, but I think you do. I think you want Mommy to plaster your face all over the internet. Deep inside, you want everyone to see you in your little frilly dresses, with your paci and your diaper, prancing like the sissy you are. Stop denying it, and embrace the fact that you are just a sissy boi at heart, and are dying for the world to find out your little secret. You’ve failed your task, and Mommy is not pleased.
June 26, 2013

naughtyab punishments

Very naughty ab you should not have been fibbing to your phonemommy. You know better, now it is just too late to apologize for your misbehaviours. Punishment time has come and I will decide just what crop I want to use on that devious ass of yours taking naked pictures of me while I am getting ready for my bath will not be tolerated you have been told time and time again about respecting my privacy maybe after a severe spanking you will think twice about repeating your actions. What were you planning to do with the pictures anyhow? Guess I will never know since I made you destroy them. Now bend over and take your medicene! Crissy 1*888*430*2010
June 25, 2013


With the auction well under way, the only two left to showcase were the two unbroken pets. I had agreed to bring an addition to the freak show I was joining and an unbroken, wild pet would be the perfect thing. A pet I could break and train myself would be ideal. We watched on as the wild pet was subjected to test after test. No matter how many licks he took, no matter the humiliation or degradation, the little pet just kept fighting back. I knew he was perfect… I just had to have him. When the bidding began I let the others make their bids here and there and took stock of my competition. When there was a lull in the crowd I took the opportunity to make my bid, more than double the highest bid. The crowd fell silent and Ms. Lizabeth declared the pet mine. Everything was finally in order and I was prepared to begin my summer with the traveling freak show… Betty 888-430-2010