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September 1, 2011

Wet Nurse Nanny

Some say I go above and beyond the call of duty. I just like to give my babies what they need. I know I’m not a Mommy but I can be just as nurturing. When Mommy has too many little ones tugging at her skirts and her titties, Nanny is there to fill those mouths with sweet warm milk. Nanny loves to diaper abies and dress them up, cuddle them and care for them in every possible way. Nanny loves her abies like her very own. Call your Wet Nurse Nanny Ella for a sip at the nip and fall asleep entirely satisfied. 1-888-430-2010
September 1, 2011

Diaper Punishment

So you have to use the potty, Do you? I think you ought to just hold it! In fact I am such a mean Domme Mommy that I will make you hold it till you have an accident! Once you soil your pants and make a complete mess I will order you back into diapers! You will have to wear them as punishment for wetting and pooping your pants! Naughty Boy, why you are just a Big Baby is all you are! A really messy bad boy that needs to be made to wear adult diapers as punishment! Mizz Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
August 30, 2011

hypno diaper boy

  Would you be able to resist Mommy if she hypnotized you to make you her diaper boy? Do you think you could resist the triggers to wet and to wear diapers for her? You know deep down that you need it and that you need your diapers. There is really no point in fighting it. You can go about like you’re a big boy and tell yourself that but Mommy knows you’re really a big baby who needs his diapers. That’s why she wanted to hypnotize you and help you along. Would you like for Mommy to prove to you once and for all what a baby you are?   Mommy Scarlet
August 29, 2011

Mommy’s playtime

You’ve had your fun, my adorable abie! Now it’s my turn to play! I’m going to run my hands down my beautiful curves and savor every moment as I feel my smooth, soft skin. You can watch if you want. If you’re good, I might even give you permission to rub yourself over your adult diaper! As I move my hands down toward my moist mound, your breath starts getting heavier. Round and round, my delicate fingers move, sending waves of pleasure through my body. I start to moan, louder and louder, my body undulating with each wave, growing more and more intense as I soar toward the edge. You can’t take it any more, can you, my lusty little thing! You’d give anything for a good, sweaty mommy fuck right now, wouldn’t you! Not so fast, sweetie! You’re going to stay right there! And if you’re good, I might let you smell my panties! Mommy Crissy, 1*888*430*2010