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Soon You Will Be My Sissy
June 19, 2022
A Special Treat from Mommy Candy
January 15, 2023

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(first part) My reality was better than my dreams! Incest kinks are forbidden, I knew this and wanted to do it anyway, wild fantasies swimming through my mind, all the image of the MILF porn I had watched now replaced with my mom. Without saying a word, she lifted her hand to my face and brushed an imaginary speck of dirt from my top lip. Her fingers remained there just long enough for that now familiar sweat, pungent scent to fill my nostrils once more.

Her touch had caused my heart to pound in my chest, it was almost in my throat. A deep throbbing had begun to grip me tightly. I began to feel myself swelling uncontrollably. Those loose-fitting pants were no match for lust. As my hands moved to conceal my intentions, the towels fell from my mother’s grip. I froze in motion as they landed with a soft thud on the concrete floor.

We broke away from each other for the briefest of moments as our eyes both flicked down. I stepped back into the washer. The cold metal sliding up my back brought me to consciousness as if from a dream. But mummy was still staring down, but not at the towels.

A small bead of clear fluid had begun to form through my trousers.

Timidly, I slowly & carefully raised my head. There was no hiding it now! My quivering erupted into a shake as I plunged my hands into briefs in a desperate attempt to hide my natural impulse.

As I lifted my head, she moved past me, Mummy began to sink, down, slowly down. Her eyes glued to that glistening bead. A glimpse of longing could not be concealed behind that routine smile, as my hand searched in my trousers, in a veiled attempt to disguise my arousal.

Hovering for a moment, pausing just long enough to draw breath, deep and slow. Her face pressed up against my throbbing cock. Her hand moved beneath her skirt, gasping as she plunged her fingers inside herself. Her mouth moving over my erection, I could feel her desperation through my trousers as she toyed with us both.

I swelled to a size I had not known before, it felt like I was going to burst. I stared down at mommy’s face, scrunched up so tightly. No longer hiding her moans as the smell of my mothers’ cunts filled the basement. The tension in my pants was unbearable, but as quickly as it had started it was over. My eyes were closed by now, and I kept them this way even after I felt her stop. “You dropped something,” she said. As she drew herself up to her full height. A soft, gentle voice reduced to little more than a whisper. My eyes snapped open to find her soppy panties dangling from an outstretched finger, less than an inch from my face.

She disappeared back up the stairs & through the basement door. Leaving me mesmerized on the incest-stained panties now firmly back in my grasp. The door was left slightly ajar, I made sure to relieve my tension in full view of the darkness beyond. Did that get you all hot and bothered? Go ahead and call me anytime!

Auntie Brenda


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