September 17, 2015
crissy beach

Beach Blanket Aby

Hello my sweet little abdl. How are you? Aw did you just wake up? What a sleepy little adult baby you are! Well rise and shine my little one. Mommy has a big day planned for the both of us! We need to get you ready for our day at the beach! Oh yes its going to be so much fun! First we need to make sure we pack your swimming diapers so you aren’t waddling around the beach with a soggy pamper! Then mommy needs to pack some sunscreen so my little aby doesn’t get sunburned! Oh and we certainly can’t forget to bring your shovel and pail so mommy can help you build sand castles! Let’s just hope that no sand gets in that cute little diaper of yours! That would be no good! Now let’s get you up and out of that crib so we can start […]
September 13, 2015
abdl adult baby diaper lover mommy milf phone sex role play bdsm fetish kink

Waking Up With MILF Barb

Mornings are always such a hectic time for mommies taking care of adult babies and diaper lovers. There are so many things to do, and only one mommy! Sadly, I only have two hands, otherwise I am sure that I could take care of all of my responsibilities much more quickly! ABDLs require a lot of care and attention, and I always take my time to make sure that our mornings go by as smoothly as possible! When I wake up, I take my time snuggling each of my little ones awake. Then when their eyes open, and they smile because they are happy to see mommy, I take them over to the changing table and take my time changing them one by one. Their diapers are always at least a little bit messy when I change them in the morning. A baby can only hold their messes for so […]
September 13, 2015
forced feminization

Forced Feminization with Mommy Candy

Well what do we have here? Is that my little pretty sissy slut I see! It sure is! What’s that poking out the back of your pretty dress? Are those the pink polka dot panties mommy got you from Victorias Secret for your birthday? Aww they look so cute on that cushioned little bottom of yours. Why don’t you lift that dress up for your mommy so she can get a better view! Aww you have your pee pee tucked in between your legs just like a little girl! You want a pretty little pussy just like your mommy! Can you do a little curtsy in your panties for me? Oh just wait until all the boys get a look at you! They won’t be able to get enough of you! My sissy girl is going to be breaking lots of hearts with a mommy who really knows how to […]
September 10, 2015
abult baby diaper

Diaper Punishment With ABDL Mommy Crissy

 in one is of course! Mommy doesn’t like to change you right away because that’s just no fun! I want to make you sit in it and sit on your bottom and mush it around while it’s still warm! Mommy loves to play in your stinky diaper. Sometimes I’ll open it right up and rub adult baby’s poo poo all over his legs and little pee pee. It’s such a good lubricant and it makes your little pee pee get nice and excited for mommy doesn’t it? You know what would be even better? If Mommy opened your diaper up and went poopie in it too! Could you just imagine? Wearing a messy diaper filled with adult baby’s poo and mommy’s poo? That’s just double the fun! Mommy is going to make you wear that smelly diaper until it’s your bedtime. Sometimes mommy fills your bottle with laxatives to make […]
September 6, 2015
img-thing (1)

Bratty Babysitter Brittney

Your Mommy and Daddy are gone, you little snot nosed brat, so now you gotta listen to me! I can’t stand being around stupid, stinky babies, so you better not mess that diaper or else you’ll be stuck in the sticky, smelly mess all night. Why are you crying? Nobody here is going to save you, now shut up before I spank your ass so hard you won’t be able to sit for a week! Aw, did that hurt the little sissy baby’s feelings? Are you gonna cry? No? Well, maybe you’ll change your mind about that when I start teasing you for still wearing a diaper! Why does a grown man still need to wear diapers, anyway? I bet you have a tiny little cock hiding under that diaper, huh? A teeny little thing like that couldn’t possibly please anyone, I bet your wife’s out sucking a nice hard, big, black cock. […]
September 6, 2015
cuckold sissy

Cuckold Mommy Ava

I’ve done some thinking and I think it’s about time for me to take on a new diaper slut. I bet your eyes got as big as saucers reading that didn’t they? Do you think you have what it takes to be this domme mommy’s diaper bitch? Well first off you need to know how to cook and clean because you bet your ass I won’t be doing either of those. Not only will you clean my house, you will clean the cum out of my pussy as well after daddy fucks me. You’ll even have to clean off daddy’s cock and lick it clean. And if mommy has to take a shit or a piss and doesn’t want to walk to the bathroom, guess what? Your diaper is going to be opened up and I’ll just relieve myself right with you in it. And don’t think I’m changing it […]
September 6, 2015
diaper girl fetish abdl adult baby diaper lover milf phone sex

Changing Stinky Diapers

One of my most important jobs that I have when taking care of my adult babies and diaper lovers is taking care of their diaper changes. Let me tell you something, those adorable little ones of mine make the stinkiest messes in their adult baby diapers! I can smell it from across the room, and off I take them to the changing table where I can sit their butts down on it, lay them back, and get to work cleaning them up! It is not an easy job, but once I get them all wiped off and cleaned up, I can get to the fun parts that we both just love! Baby powder and diaper cream also offers all sorts of nice advantages for baby, and the baby powder always makes them all smell soooo good! There is nothing like the smell of a freshly cleaned, powdered, and diapered adult […]
August 31, 2015

Changing it up

As my sweet aby lays on the table with his hands at his sides, waiting patiently for his very wet, poopy diaper to be changed by his loving Nanny, she decides to change things up a little. She leans over him, her tits straining against the fabric of her shirt, and methodically undoes the safety pins on his diaper. The cute protectors on the ends of the pins keep her from pricking baby’s skin, and then takes care when folding the fabric back from his skin. He’s very wet and uncomfortable, so she gets right to work. She puts rubber gloves on, and grabs a wipe to run over baby’s skin, being sure to get all the little bits of yuckiness and pay attention to every inch of his privates. He is clean, and exposed. She grabs the old diaper and tosses it in the laundry bin to wash later. […]