Adult Toilet Training Fetish!

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August 14, 2015
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August 22, 2015
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Adult Toilet Training Fetish!

Adult Potty Training!


I heard that you might have a little toilet training fetish. I have some pull ups, that you can wear to bed. I want to wear them, until you are fully potty trained. If you don’t pee in your pull ups, for the whole night, then I will give you a reward. If you have an accident in them, then Phone A Mommy Janey will be upset. I know that you are used to wearing your diaper, but it’s time to be a big boy now. Don’t worry, Mommy Janey is a good teacher. Each morning, you will wake up and pee in the potty. If Mommy is asleep, then don’t forget to wake her up. I’m sure you will learn everything fast. I will no longer have to change your dirty diapers. Tomorrow will be the first day of our training. I will be giving you , your own miniature toilet. It will help you out a lot. I used to toilet train your cousin Megan too. She was such a good sport. I’ll have you potty trained, in no time. Until then, let’s start training.

Mommy Janey

Phone A Mommy!

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