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September 17, 2012
Studded Heels
September 19, 2012
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Where have all the sissies gone?

We have a sissy who is so proud to be a sissy. Her name is Stephie. And who wouldn’t be? Proud to be a sissy, that is. Everyone loves sissies. Every time I change his diaper it’s glaringly obvious why he’s a sissy. He was born with itty bitty sissy parts and his mommy loves to tease him about them. He and his mommy are  a perfect fit.  But he’s torn about coming out as sissy to his friends and Mommy Crissy is trying help him understand they probably already know.  Sissies can’t hide their sissiness. His friends probably already know he has a penchant for all things pink and fetish for panties. His voice is softer than any of the phone a mommies and he’s not putting on. His voice really sounds that way. He’s a perfect sissy and that’s refreshing because we come across so many callers who think they’re a sissy, but they’re clueless. They want sissy training, but then they shy away from the training they are given. They are what I call pretenders. Give us a call if you think you’re sissy enough. We’ll see if you are.

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