Panty Drawer
September 16, 2012
Where have all the sissies gone?
September 18, 2012

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I have a diapered sissy that knows how to take his punishment .

I caught him with a pair of his sister’s panties rubbing them against himself what a sick, twisted pervert.

He was getting such a thrill out of being so bad when he thought no one was watching, he was so surprised I found his secret stash of dirty panties.

I get all excited just thinking about this whole session it was so very satisfying to take my sissy scare him

into using his diaper as he listened to me shame him for his actions,

dirty diaper wearing horny thing laid out cuffed to my table of titillating  s/m power  play things.

Got to where his diaper got so full I had to change him mid swat of his bottom with my whip.

I roughly pulled his messy diaper off of him ,got my wipes ,powder out and cleaned this pathetic

smelly little diaper sissy all up and then powdered him with a swat to his bottom and slipped clean diaper on him. He kept whimpering loudly to me how thankful he was to have such a caring mistress ,that he did not now what he would do with out me I laughed menacingly at this statement then replied “I know what you would do with out me you would wither away from being so loathsome & inadequate”.

He stared up at me and nodded “You are so right mistress you know me so very well.”

Vicious Mistress Veronika


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