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September 18, 2012
ABie Needs
September 21, 2012
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Studded Heels

13480817593209280861 ABDL BlogA re you looking at my High Heels as i walked across the airport terminal you love the way the click against the tiles.Your eyes followed them all the way up my legs to where they ended.I know you want to wear these beautiful heels don’t my wimpy sissy.I decided to sit down next to you so i could tease you with my High Heels knowing there was no way i would share them with you.I crossed my legs and let my leather skirt ride up so to give you a better look.Such a wimpy sissy drooling over my studded heels.So tell me what is it worth to you what would you do for a pair of these High Heels that look just like mine.Now wimpy sissy you must following directions since you want a pair of these awesome heels.



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