November 25, 2011
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November 30, 2011
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New Rules for Pies Wet and Messy

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How about getting wet and messy in another way then just in diapers, like perhaps a good old pie eating contest? Have any of you ever been in a food eating contest of any kind? I think I might like to be in a pie eating one. How about a good ol’ fashion pie throwing contest? Anyone up for that? If so, here are the new rules as follows.
1. You must be completely shaven and nude!
2. Plastic must cover the tiled floors for easy clean up.
3. A varietly of pies must be used including but not limited to: key lime, meringue, apple, chocolate, peach, and pumpkin.
4. Cover your partner with the variety of pies.
5. Then see who can clean the other person off the fastest using only your tongue!
A fun way to get wet and messy aside from dirty diapers!
Mandy’s New Rules to Pie’s
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