She is dressed in all-black and displays her back in a pair of panties.
Panty-hose Covered Diapers
August 27, 2019
Panty Sniffer Fetish Caught laughing with her mouth shut
Caught Sniffing Mommy’s Panties
September 28, 2019

diaper lover

Jimmie giggled as he ripped open another pack of abdl diapers, stacking them between the gaps in his makeshift diaper fort. Deeply lost in his littlespace playtime, the overgrown diaper lover burbled and cooed to himself as he continued his innocent mess making.  Silly baby Jimmie just wanted to play little prince in his baby fort when he saw the perfect thing to complete his decoration with! His Mommy domme would be so proud of him, he thought as he grabbed the pretty pink bottle of baby powder. He was going to make it snow all over his diaper boy kingdom! As Jimmie squeezed the bottle and watched the giant white plume erupt from its cap he noticed his Mommy walking in to the nursery to see his creation! But instead of looking happy and excited for her baby boy, Mommy looked like she was going to give him a spanking… Uh oh! XOXO Mommy Jackie


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