A sexy baby session There was a man wearing a diaper who was sitting on the bed.
Games With Mommy!
June 27, 2019
She is sleeping in bed with a baby man who is sucking the baby's nipple.
Silly AB Playtime
September 22, 2019
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I had one of my babies to send me some pictures of him dressed in his favorite things for some naughty time with his abdl mommy.  When he called me I was looking at several pics of him all dressed up in his thick diaper (with cute little monsters on the front), a blue and white bib, his favorite pacifier, and the sparkliest pair of panty hose that I think I’ve ever seen! If also got some with him in black pantyhose, white pantyhose… they’re all fun! He told me what he was doing, rubbing his legs together to feel the friction, to hear that soft scratching noise.  He slid his hands up and down them, turning his legs side to side to watch the light reflect off the sparkles. He made sure to get an extra tight pair for the pressure it would put on his diaper and I knew it was rubbing against his cock a bit more than unusual from the way his breath kept speeding up.  He was more than happy to listen to me when I finally told him to slip another pair of pantyhose in his diaper to wrap around his cock and jack off into them! You like to do that yourself? Call for some abdl phone sex.



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