Standing in front of the photo session is a Sissy Training woman wearing the black attire.
Turning My ABDL Babies Into abdl Sissies
January 31, 2021
Feminization of Sissy Babies She is nursing the infant using a feeding bottle.
Aunt Brenda’s Sissy Baby Training Begins!
April 25, 2021

sissyAlbert was a loner – a sad and unhappy old man who kept to himself every opportunity that he got.  He lived alone as his wife passed away and he had urges that he could not share with anyone due to his antisocial nature.  He kept himself busy by going to adult sites online and reading a series of abdl sex stories. He was more than turned on he was intrigued.  He felt that the more that he read about the diverse world of the abdl community – he enjoyed so many various aspects of it.

One of the things that stood out the most was him feeling on the inside that he wanted to dress up like a sissy. He felt that he was happiest when he delved into sissfication  and he recalled the time when he stole his cousin Gina’s clothes at summer camp and dressed up in them in an abandoned shed in the woods when no one was looking.  He loved how feminine he looked and he felt that his mannerisms matched.  Back then at camp, he referred to his sissy side as Alberta and he wanted to go back to that time again where he could let all cares go the wind and be Alberta again.

He thought about it and then after a few clicks of his computer’s mouse he decided to make his long lost fantasy a reality again. He looked up  a sissy academy and a course called diaper sissy hypnosis on his computer and decided that, that was what he needed.  He wanted to really feel it and believe it so he prepped himself in the meantime.  He shaved all of his body hair off and his facial hair as well. Now his formerly rough and dry skin was soft and silky smooth.  He was enamored with his beautiful legs and how amazing they felt.

He then took some tape and tucked his penis underneath his ass and stuck it down with some duct tape.  He drew tits on his chest with a permanent marker along with big pink nipples and adorned himself in a red dress that one of his neighbors tried to discard in the trash and pretended that it was a ballroom gown.  He walked the floor of his apartment as if he were a beauty queen on a stage.  He was now ready to listen to the sissy hypnosis that he found on the internet.  He played the audio track and he felt himself being pulled into a world that was the true world where he fit.  He was being hypnotized to not just feel – but to believe that he is Alberta.

He increased the pitch of his voice. He sat with his legs crossed and tucked his little tummy in.  He was really becoming Alberta.  Then the audio track told him to speak sweet affirmations to himself and with much zest he repeated the following: “I am Alberta and I have a pretty pussy; I love the way my tits feel against my robe; I want to get lost in my pretty princess world because this is who I am and where I belong; I love myself just he way I am; I am such a sexy and hot woman; beauty is my name.” After absorbing and repeating this mantra 20 times a day, every day – he was really she and he inhabited Alberta. He became Alberta.  Alberta is who lives!

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