A seductive woman is seated, flashing her lovely boobs, and self-masturbating.
ABDL Stacey
November 6, 2021
In the picture, there is a man wearing a gorgeous diaper and standing.
Fantasizing About Being A Good Little Diaper Sissy Finally Came True
January 16, 2022

abdl baby

I am Granny Minnie and I am the one that sets all of the rules when it comes to my abdl girls and boys.  I am sure that there are thing that they like that they want for me to do to them sexually and that is fine for them to have these thoughts and feelings, but I decide what I will do next when it comes to abdl roleplay.

I am sure that there are many abdl stories that my abdl boys and girls have heard about me and how I took matters into my own hands and that is exactly why they are in my life because they know that I like to take control.  Whether is it me propping my feet up so that I can have a nice foot massage or laying in the bathtub while I am sponged over my sweet granny titties and mature granny cunt, no matter what it is that I want, I get.

I know that a lot of people want to play with grannies because they believe that grannies love to spoil them as that is traditionally what grannies would do but this granny loves to be spoiled.  I love to dress my abdl boys and girls in their diapers and have them give me a full body massage. I like to have my seasoned tits massaged and my nipples fondled.  A nice twisting and pinching of my nipples and also a nice tugging, really makes my senior citizen pussy tingle and leak out a ton of sweet and succulent granny juices.

And when my juices leak out that is when I want my abdl boys and girls to crouch down on their hands and knees and open their mouths as if my creamy cunt was a waterfall and have them drink it all up as if it were their last meal.

So, no matter if you have a diaper fetish or if you are an abdl that likes to hear abdl stories this is where you will come for me to take care of you the only way that a granny should.  I will make you lick my feet and travel your tongue all the way up my thigh and I will direct you to my toes so you can suck and lick them off until they are all wrinkly and sore from your consistent sucking.

I will make you worship my granny body the way that it deserves to be worshipped and if I chose to relieve myself, I will make sure that you wipe my up with nothing but your tongue and you will make sure to put it in all of my crevices that I expect for you to lick thoroughly clean.

You are a good candidate to be one of my new abdl babies, so do as you are told and give me, Granny Minnie a call right now and I will teach you how to be the best little submissive that you can possible be.

Granny Minnie


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