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Naked You Stand Before me Part 8
August 28, 2017
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My ABDL Husband
March 4, 2018

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You feel like a very naughty adult baby in your diapers, don’t you? They’re so soft against your skin, the cottony inside, and the smooth baby powder, that you just can’t help but get more than a little excited inside of your diaper.  Your baby peepee rubs against it, and I can always tell what’s going on by the expression on your face!  You start to blush, and bite your lip, and I have to tell you to take care of your little problem, because you can’t walk around like that all of the time.  I tell you to lay down on the bed on your tummy, and I want you to start moving your hips against the bed, pressing yourself into it so that you are rubbing even harder against the soft inside of your thick adult diaper! I will want you to keep doing that until you make cummies in your diaper, so that you will be a relaxed, happy little abdl! Call me for your abdl phone sex so that I can tell you what else I would make you do to relax.



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