Standing and flashing her large, gorgeous boobs, a sexy female appears hot and seductive.
Mommy has a new Lacy Nightie
August 25, 2017
She is wearing a white diaper and a fetish diaper man is seated on the bed.
Naughty ABDL Diaper Fun
January 15, 2018

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That’s where you’re to remain.’ She screams. ‘ Adult Babies place.’ She stoops, lifts your skirt and peers inquisitively amongst the netting. To your surprise she pulls your new knickers sharply to your knees. You’re mystified but then realise what’s required as she holds out a large disposable adult diaper . You press your feet onto the ground and lift your buttocks off the floor as Mommy  slides the diaper  under your bottom. ‘I don’t want you ruining this new pretty dress.’ She says rubbing a sweet smelling cream around your peepee. You gurgle contentedly as she sprinkles you liberally with baby powder  as if dusting a cake with sugar. Satisfied she then fastens the sticky tabs over your tummy and pulls your white frilly plastic panties  back up. We don’t want baby catching cold either … do we?’ She smirks cruelly and effortlessly lifts your legs, feeding your toes into a pair of white ribbed tights. Soon they’re stretched round your waist and you feel loved, safe, warm and dry Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex!



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