Mommy items and sexy diapers are on display.
Time For That Cute Diaper
September 19, 2021
A sexy lad wearing a diaper is doing the backwards-turning stance.
Grannie Minnie Has Sexual Fun With Her Male and Female ABDLs
December 25, 2021




I am abdl, that means I am an adult baby diaper lover.  And it’s true in every way possible.  My name is Stacey and I am a diaper girl.  I love the smell, feel, look and crinkle of a thick diaper.  Especially one on me.  There’s nothing better than the silky feel of baby powder against my most intimate skin.  It makes me very glad I have a diaper on.

I enjoy diapers so much that I am always wet and not just from pee pee.  My diaper fetish is so extreme, that I use my diapers for everything.  From peeing to pooping and definitely for when I get so excited I squirt.  I just love to sit in my messy diaper and rock back and forth, feeling it squish all around me.

The abdl stories I could tell you, would make you very excited also.  You would want to hear more, that’s for sure.  There’s nothing better than hearing about an adult baby getting their diaper changed and all the fun that entails.  And I love having my diaper changed and my pussy played with so much.

Sometimes I get really naughty and have to play inside my diaper.  I can’t help myself as my hand slides into the top of my diaper.  My fingers sliding over my swollen clit to my very wet pussy.  Soon my hand is cupped over my dripping pussy and I start riding my fingers.

It feels so good I can’t help but cum all over my fingers and into my hand.  Oh Yes!  Mmmmm I so love my diapers.  And they are perfect for catching my gooey wetness.  I pull my hand slowly from my diaper.  I open and close my fingers, seeing the sticky web of cum stretch between my fingers.

I push my tongue out from between my lips and lean forward slightly.  Tasting my sweetness from my fingertips.  I savor the flavor, closing my eyes and sucking on my fingers.  I lick every drop from my hand and fingers.  I keep my dirty diaper on and curl up for a small much needed nap.

I would love to play with you while I’m in my diapers.  You could change my squishy diaper and clean me all up.  And if you wanted to try, I could diaper you and you could see how good it feels.  I could be your mommy and take good care of you.  Or we could both be in diapers and just play with each other all day.

It would be so much fun.  I am already excited just from the thought of it.  Don’t believe me… just check my very wet diaper.  Told you!  I’m a silly little diaper girl.  And I want to play, all the time, any time.  I’ll be a good girl, a naughty girl, or a mommy.  I’ll be anything and everything you want.

Just call me and make me do as you want.  Make me pleasure you, make me be a good diaper girl, make me cum over and over.



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