In the picture, there is a man wearing a gorgeous diaper and standing.
Fantasizing About Being A Good Little Diaper Sissy Finally Came True
January 16, 2022
Diaper-covered girlfriend Sissy girl with two other girls, one standing and the other sitting on the floor.
Let Mommy Tell You A Story
March 13, 2022




Come here sweetie and crawl up into mommy’s lap.  Mommy will hold you and cuddle you as I tell you some abdl stories.  Mommy will rub your back and pat your bottom as you listen to mommy’s voice and imagine the scenario mommy enthralls you with.  Mommy will have you captivated as you get lost in mommy’s lap enjoying all you hear.

There once was an abdl that felt all alone and embarrassed about their love of being a diapered adult baby.  They thought everyone stared at them knowing their secret fetish, that everyone was whispering about them, making fun of them and their diaper.  Little did they know that most didn’t even notice, and lots definitely didn’t even care one way or the other.

Everyone has their own secrets and with the hustle and bustle of life, too many are too preoccupied with everyday life to judge.  All this little one needed to do was relax and enjoy their diaper fetish.  Not worry about what others thought.  Not care if anyone noticed.  Be yourself and be proud of who you are.

Flaunt that diaper and wiggle that diapered bottom.  Make mommy giggle as you dance for me.  And every time you got close enough, mommy would reach out and squeeze your diaper.  Mommy loves the sound of the crinkle, the feel of the diaper as it fills with warm pee.  The squishier the better, in mommy’s opinion.

As mommy holds you in her lap, mommy feels your diaper get warmer.  Someone is making a peepee in mommy’s lap, good thing you have your diaper on.  I mean, that is what they are for.  For you to use and fill up.  Diapers are meant to hold all of baby’s messes, so fill them up for mommy.

Mommy loves when you burrow closer to mommy during story time.  And mommy definitely loves when she feels you wiggle and start to rub your diaper against mommy.  Your little peepee getting harder and bigger inside your wet diaper.  Your breathing slightly changing as you get more and more aroused.

Mommy turns her body slightly, allowing your diapered peepee to press against mommy harder.  Mommy starts rocking you back and forth causing you to rub faster against mommy’s soft body.  Mommy hears you moan as your lips part and your eyes close.  Soon you’re humping against mommy more rapidly.

Mommy smiles as she watches you pick up speed.  The moans escaping your open mouth grow louder with each thrust against mommy.  Then with one final trembling push of your diapered peepee, you groan loudly as you squirt cummies in your diaper.  You collapse in mommy’s arms and pant like a winded dog.

Mommy told you, she just loves story time.  And from the looks of baby, so do you.  Those flushed cheeks and full diaper are precisely what mommy wants to see.  And when that diaper gets a nice thick creamy mess added to it, mommy is delighted.  So, come crawl up into mommy’s lap…

Mommy Candy


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