TLD: Tender Loving Diapering
July 26, 2012
Fetish Phone Sex With Ava
July 29, 2012

mommys hot diaper house ABDL Blog

Oh yes, come and play at Mommy’s hot diaper house will make sure you enjoy your stay.
I have a whole lot of cute little one’s for you to play with and I have you for them and Mommy to play with as well. Whatever your heart desire Mommy Crissy has it all my diaper house is very well equipped with the latest in diapering technology.

A ton of different diaper brands and all sorts of colored rubber pant’s for the naughty or sweet ab.
I have quite a few hot busty slutty dressed mommies that are just shivering in anticipation to stick their
milk filled boobs in your hungry lips for you to drink the sweet milk that comes from the swollen nipple.
I bet you really wanna see this magical mysterious place I can give you the key its

xxxxxxxxSee you thereXXXXXXXXXX

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