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July 26, 2012
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Fetish Phone Sex With Ava

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Want to have teacher phone sex with the hottest, dirtiest sex Ed teacher? Once you’ve been in my class, there won’t be any questions left for you to ask. But sometimes I like to put down the ruler and crack out the whip. Yes, what can be better than sex? Well how about the forbidden unknown pleasures that comes with it? Regular sex is boring. I’m a dominant woman and if I want something done my way it WILL get done. The nastier and kinkier the better. My lovers have learned not to make me ask more than once because the outcome usually isn’t too well for them. My mood changes like a woman changes her clothes. If I want to tease you and be sexy, then so be it. If I’m in the mood to tie you up and peg you, I’ll damn right do that too. See there is nothing off limits with me. My subs and sissies know this very well. I can be reasonable sometimes, but their is absolutely no way I will put your needs in front of mine. You don’t get to get off until I’ve gotten off at least a couple times. I take the expression “ladies first” to heart. So do you think you have what it takes to satisfy me? Going to teach the sex Ed teacher a thing or two? Well we’ll see.   Call me for the best sex Ed teacher phone sex.  Ava 888*430*2010


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