Learning to diaper pt 3
January 10, 2016
Standing in front of the picture session, a naked Lizabeth is shown.
The “Other” Lizabeth
January 11, 2016

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When it comes to making sure your adult baby gets the best diaper change that you can offer, I have always felt like you need to take your time. A mother’s touch when taking care of their little one is soft and tender, loving and sweet. Opening up those diapers might be stinky, but the best part comes when this ABDL mommy gets to grab her bag of goodies and dig out her tools of the trade. To begin with, I always grab my packet of baby wipes. Unscented, so that they do not irritate baby’s sensitive skin. After I make sure to wipe you off and get you clean and ready to go, I get my big bottle of baby powder. This is my favorite part. Sprinkling it between your legs and then smelling the clean and familiar smell of the powder… I love it! And getting to change my diaper lovers.




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