A self-mutilation woman is seated for the picture shoot while sporting a black brace.
Naughty Fantasies
June 26, 2016
Standing in front of the picture session, a naked Lizabeth is shown.
Diaper Domination
June 26, 2016


After dinner it’s time for an abdl phone sex mommy to get you ready for bed.  I put you in the bath, soap up your body, get you nice and clean.  Mommy needs to dry you off and lotion you up, so you stay baby soft!  I pick you up and put you on the changing table, that I can put on your night time diaper with extra padding so you last through the night.  Once you are all ready, you smell of fresh baby powder and feel smooth under mommy’s touch it’s time to cuddle up for a bedtime story.  I carry you over to my rocking chair and I prop you up on my lap and grab a story book to read to my precious adult baby.  I love to hold you close to me and share the warmth of my body with my helpless little adult baby.



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