Phone Diaper Lover Sex She is dressed in the white clothing and stockings.
Diaper Phone Sex
June 25, 2016
She is seated for the photo session while wearing the white dress.
It’s nearly your Bedtime
June 26, 2016


I’m more of a sweet ABDL mommy, but when my babies have been naughty, I rather enjoy punishing them. One of the best ways, I find, to punish a naughty baby is  a nice, hard spanking. Smacking their tight ass over and over until they are in tears and promise anything for me to stop. Whips, paddles, even a bare hand, it is one of the most effective methods for a bratty little ABDL. The best part, is when you’re done and cuddling and their bottom is full of bright red marks and a week of pain every time they sit down. It shows and teaches them, I own them, and can hurt them and do whatever I choose. I also love teasing them, tying up my little and making them so desperate for my touch, needing my hands caressing them, a burning passion, for any contact with their Mommy.


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