There are displays of Christmas decorations, including teddy bears, Christmas hats, shoes, and other items.
Holiday Present For Diaper Lovers
December 10, 2015
My New Diapers
December 13, 2015

Ho ho ho! Welcome back my Adult Babies and Diaper lover friends! I am glad to see that you’re back to visit the nursery while its all decorated with pretty twinkle lights. I think that makes it better for little ABys to sleep; that way they won’t be afraid of the dark! But even if they are, mommy is right over in the next room, and will always come to protect you from any scary monsters. Then I will sing you back to a sweet, sweet sleep.

disney album

Speaking of singing your sweet self to sleep, Nanny Ella has been playing so much fun holiday music in the nursery. I think my favorite is the Disney Family Christmas album. I think it’s just delightful when ABDLs hear their favorite Disney characters singing new songs – who wouldn’t be happy?

Love and Holiday Hugs,

Nanny Ella



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