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Exposed on Aunty Brenda’s Road Trip
January 16, 2021
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You Will Be Mommy’s New Baby Girl
January 31, 2021


Abdl humiliation has always been one of my favorite things to do when it comes to training severely stubborn ABDLs.  There is somewhat of a power struggle in the beginning with adult baby diaper lovers who try to push the envelope when it comes to role playing with a new dominant.  Sometimes they want to test a dominant to see how far he or she will go or sometimes they are begging to be punished and they know that certain actions will not go unpunished.

That being said, I was having a role play session with an ABDL and he would obey for the most part and every now and then he would say sassy little comments just to see what I would do.  The thing that he did not understand is, I am not the dommy mommy to respond to baited bad behavior on the spot, I do it when I calculate exactly how my adult baby diaper lover is to be punished.

I walked over to my dresser and retrieved my handcuffs and I also took my blindfold with me and I commanded my submissive to lay on the bed.  With hesitation he followed along and he was obedient when I cuffed him to the bed and placed the blindfolds over his eyes.  I placed headphones over his ears and I turned up the volume on the iPod and he was forced to listen to hours of sissy hypnosis because he needed to be programmed.

I left the room to take a nap in another room while he was being programmed.  It did not matter to me if he had to use the bathroom because he had no choice but to hold it as he was naked and not wearing any diapers.  It also did not matter to me that he was hungry because the sissy training via headphones would take better on an empty stomach.

After I slept a few hours, I returned to the room and he looked fatigued and exhausted.  I removed the cuffs and blindfold and told him that he is now a sissy.  He was commanded to go and fetch me a glass of water and I retrieved it from him and poured it all over his head.  I told him that he has just been “Scarletized” and he will now go by the name Heidi. I now told Heidi what her daily chores were and she proceeded to do them without any hesitation.

After I was pleased with Heidi’s chores I decided to reward her with a new look. I shaved her face, arms, back , genitals and legs and bleached her yellow stained teeth. I removed her glasses which were replaced with contacts and I curled her hair in order for it to drape against her face. I decorated her face with natural makeup and I made her try on blue sissy lace bra panties and then pink, which she decided to settle in. At that point it was evident to me that the sissy hypnosis that she listened to, worked.

The way that the panty was pressed up against her clitty cock and nipple sized balls made her feel and look so pretty.  I told her to suck in her stomach and to use proper posture and she was only allowed to wear heels and if barefoot she must remain on her tippy toes.  Heidi was so thankful that I saw who she was on the inside and I decided to bring that side of her out.

To pay her thanks to me, I had her service me with oral sex as it is always her job to please, worship and satisfy me at all times and she was honored to do it. She used her lips to kiss my cunt and she used her tongue to circle around my clitoris and then her mouth sucked my clit off like she was sucking on a tiny cock.

I held the back of her head in order to mush her face into my cunt and she did not resist me. She sucked my cunt with tender loving care and I came repeatedly in her mouth and she was told not to rinse her mouth, but to savor the after taste of my pussy.

For the remainder of the night there was no need for her to drink or eat anything as she already was nourished from my cunt for her meal. I then ordered her to go to her bed and get some sleep. She listened to me and then she went to bed that night with my sweet, sticky and delicious cum stains all over her face. Heidi is now living her true life as a sissy, what about you?  How many abdl stories do you need to hear in order for you to pick up the phone and call Mommy Scarlet? Don’t let time waste as it waits for no one, give me a call right away.



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