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October 10, 2011
Enema Day
October 16, 2011

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Nanny loves to diaper little abies and adult diaper lovers. Abies need lots of care and attention that Nanny is happy to provide but sometimes Nanny wants to get off with grown up to grown up. An adult who understands how good a soft, snug diaper feels is well on their way to my bed, or the change table at least.

Ever look around when you are out and about? Ella does. I look for the bulges that tell me he is wearing. Generally, I say, the thicker, the better. But there’s only one way to tell if he’s for real. Move in close. Use all the senses.

Just yesterday I thought I spotted a handsome gentleman with a thick diaper in the supermarket. I made sure to get in line behind him at the checkout even though I hadn’t found everything I needed. I bumped into to him, accidentally on purpose, and heard that tell-tale crinkle. I leaned in and he smelled faintly of urine–a scent that has become slightly erotic to me since my boyfriend introduced me to diaper fetishes a few years back.

I struck up a casual conversation and when he had paid I casually slipped him my card. He was friendly but reserved until he looked and saw that I Nanny Abies and he instantly understood. We said our goodbye’s and I waited till he was out the door till I told the checkout girl that I wasn’t done shopping. She smiled knowingly but all she saw was two flirtatious people having a conversation. Sometimes it’s the subtleties that matter, and all the senses. Not just what you see and hear, but what you feel and smell.


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