AB/DL Safe Haven
June 7, 2012
Your Teddy Bear
June 10, 2012

"diaper lover" "abdl" "abdlmommy"

You hear the crinkling underneath your pants as do I, you look around wondering of any one else notices; you smile as you squirm in your seat on purpose. Peeking your eyes up at me you see me smile at you. I take such delight in hearing you squirm around on your padded diapered bottom. Your giggling so hard to yourself that you just can no longer hold in your bladder. You let it all go as you begin to giggle louder I look up at you and delight in your amusement and begin to laugh too! You feel the warmth of your diaper as it begins to expand and you and I share a private little secret no other student in the class knows! They look at us in bewilderment as we share the moment only a Diaper Lover and ABDL Mommy knows.


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